We accept Afterpay and Klarna.

We only offer mobile grooming services.

Proof of rabies required by state law upon request.

Consider the Benefits of Mobile Grooming:

No Cages

Your dog doesn’t wait around locked in a cage with barking dogs and buzzing clippers, wondering where you are and what’s going on.

No Driving

You don’t have to make plans around the groomer, and you don’t have to make two trips with your pet.

Personal Attention

Your Dog isn’t part of a production line.  There are no ringing phones or customers walking in to distract from the attention your dog deserves.

Grooming Unit Picture

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1st Place Mobile Dog Grooming Mobile Grooming is a premier mobile grooming service Owned by Kyla Williams.  Kyla provides mobile grooming services to McDonough, Hampton, and Locust Grove only.  She is a friendly, caring person who looks forward to meeting you and your fur baby and serving you right at your home or at her shop.

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